How I Bought 18 Houses in 18 Months…

With None of my Own Cash or Credit!

Meet Jeff Gunther, Veteran Investor, featured in Real Estate Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investor’s Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done (Don R. Campbell & Russell Westcott: 2011)

Saturday, February 18, 2012 ~ Petroleum Club, Edmonton, AB

“Any successful real estate investment requires four things. You need to know how to find the best properties; and what to do with them. And then you need cash for down-payments; and credit for financing. Nobody has an unlimited supply of all four.

Hi! My name is Jeff Gunther. So many people have asked me How I Bought 18 Houses in 18 Months, with None of My Own Cash or Credit, that I finally agreed to present a One Day Live Workshop where I’ll reveal exactly how I did it – nothing more; nothing less.

If you’d like to hear directly from someone who’s really doing this, then please register right now by clicking the link below – or scroll down to learn a bit more about what you can expect…

…however, before you do, let me be completely clear…

I’m not promising that you can do what I’m doing. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most people can’t!

But if you’re already investing; if you’re a Realtor or mortgage broker with clients who can never seem to pull the trigger; or if you’ve ever even considered investing in real estate – you owe it to yourself to find out what it really takes to graduate from novice to expert.

I can’t promise to turn you into an expert investor in one day. But I will promise you this: If you don’t believe you’ve received at least $200 value by the first break, I’ll graciously refund your entire tuition – and yes, of course there will be questions asked!

The choice is yours!”

Jeff Gunther
Founder, Secret Homes

Jeff is one of the most strategic guys I know. He is totally committed to long term wins for all people involved.

It’s apparent why people trust Jeff; he is a consummate professional.

Marty Gunderson, Exempt Market Specialist


Saturday, February 18, 2012 ~ Petroleum Club, Edmonton, AB

Why would you want to spend a day with me?

A favourite mentor of mine often said: “Education without application is worthless.” It’s been my experience that successful people seek to acquire knowledge and, soon after, take action. I’ve always found that one of the best ways to bridge the gap between knowledge and action is to seek out people who are already applying what they’ve learned – and glean what I can from them.

Your approach to investment and life will be different from mine, but I would be very, very surprised if, in the course of 6 or 7 hours together, you don’t discover something with the power to dramatically improve your personal performance.

I’m not a ‘full-time investor’, whatever that may mean. I’m a real person who’s invested a lifetime in learning how to get results and how to effectively share those lessons with others. Please join me as I share my story.

Twenty-Five Reasons to Attend: Here are just some of the topics we’ll cover

  • The Power of Why & The Power of Words
  • Why Real Estate? Why Edmonton? Why Now?
  • The Only Two Investments that Make Any Sense at All in Today’s Global Economy
  • Two Simple Questions I Always Ask Before Even Considering an Investment Approach
  • Three Concise & Conservative Investment Models that Really Work!
  • My First Big Mistake
  • Why You Must Re-Do Everything
  • Influencing with Integrity
  • Shortcutting the Selection Process
  • Repair, Renovate, or Run?
  • Daring Offers… but Duly Diligent!
  • How to Do a Deal in 5 Hours or Less
  • Communicating & Coordinating
  • The Man in the Cloud: Today’s Top Technological Strategies
  • Real Life Case Studies
  • Impeccable Property Management: Why the Traditional Model is Broken
  • Comprehensive Checklists
  • Indispensable Tools of the Trade
  • Very Special Guests
  • My Second Big Mistake – sort of
  • Finding & Working with Assistants – or not!
  • My Coveted Supplier List
  • My Very Best Resources & Recommendations
  • Things I Haven’t Done – but might!
  • Live Q & A

You Should Attend If…

  • You are an accomplished investor ready for fresh perspective
  • You refer to yourself as sophisticated or professional, but sometimes struggle with strategy
  • You are a real estate seminar graduate eager to practically apply new-found knowledge
  • You are a Realtor, or Mortgage Broker, with investor clients who can’t seem to close
  • You have cash or credit, but aren’t quite sure how to get started investing in real estate
  • You’re looking for a fun, educational, and inspirational way to spend a Saturday
  • You’ve read this far and haven’t made a decision yet!
“I have no money, no credit and want to buy 12 houses this year.” Every Realtor’s nightmare client – and these were Mr. Gunther’s opening words!

Truth be told, those words quickly became music to my ears as he went on to fulfill his opening statement, and actually surpassed it by purchasing 13 properties that very year!

Jason Mattern, Investment Realtor, All-Banners Realty


Saturday, February 18, 2012 ~ Petroleum Club, Edmonton, AB

Very Limited Enrolment
Avoid disappointment. Act now! Due to the personal nature of this presentation, we are limiting class size to 24-30 people, and this may be the only time we ever offer this Workshop in Edmonton.


12 Months Unrestricted Access to ALL Password Protected Content on the Website (VALUE: $200)

This is like a backstage pass with continually updated content – investment models, checklists, forms, and other important documents. I’ve been told that this alone is worth the cost of the entire Workshop!


Complimentary Enrolment for You and a Guest in our upcoming Credit Builder Workshop (VALUE: $100)

Learn how the Canadian credit system works. If someone you know finds it hard to find financing, is drowning in debt, or bouncing back from bankruptcy, this workshop may help them build or rebuild credit-worthiness, and regain the hope of financial freedom.


First 12 Registrants Receive a 25-Minute Private Consultation with Jeff Gunther – on Any Topic You Choose (VALUE: $150)

Not sure what to do next? An entrepreneurial leader with extensive experience as a strategic advisor and mentor/coach, with Master degrees in both business and theology, might be able to help! It would give me great joy to assist you in discovering your own true value.


By registering today, you reserve your place at the Live All-Day Workshop, February 18, 2012, Edmonton, Alberta, where you’ll hear, firsthand, How I Bought 18 Houses in 18 Months with None of My Own Cash or Credit. When you attend, you’ll receive your complete Guided Workbook, all course materials, and access to your Bonuses. This complete package is easily worth well over $630!



If you don’t believe you’ve received at least $200 value by the first break, I’ll graciously refund your entire tuition.

PLUS… if you register today, and change your mind any time up to 48 hours prior to the event – simply email me to request a full refund.


When Jeff came to work with us, he had already been a significant achiever in real estate sales. Jeff from day one was a natural for his new position as a National Trainer.

Coupled with a great work ethic and high morals, we were proud to have him representing the company with both sales persons and franchisees. And the best thing, he got results!”

Gord Gerrie, Former Divisional Vice President, Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd



Two things you must know before you ever invest another dollar in training: Do presenters do what they teach? Can they communicate effectively?

Yes, I really did buy 18 houses in 18 months, with none of my own cash or credit. I’m still doing it, and I’ll show you how! I’ve been entertaining, educating, and motivating audiences for over 25 years. With graduate degrees in both business and theology, people call me a master storyteller and inspirational speaker. And yes, I do love to disrupt the status-quo!


PS: I hope to meet you at this event! If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to truly succeed in business, this is your opportunity to hear firsthand from someone who has. Whatever you discover at this event, it’s my greatest desire that you be glad you came, and richer for it.

Questions? Email or call 1-888-407-4245 

Kingdom Business Group
#320, 11215 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB  T5K 0L5
© 2012 Jeff Gunther. All Rights Reserved


  1. David Wood says:

    Jeff – This looks great! It is wonderful that you are taking this step to share your success by showing people how you are building your personal real estate portfolio.

    I am unsure if I will personally be able to attend but have contacted three nephews, who are in their early 20’s, and have recommended they attend your course at my expense. What a great way to get them started in life.

    Enjoy the day and continued success.

  2. Cheryl says:

    do you do webinar presentations too?

  3. Corey Sylvester says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff over the last year, watching him continue to build a more than impressive real estate investment portfolio useing none of his own money or credit! Jeff is an insperation to me as a young investor, I have gained limitless knowledge from him in the past, and look forward to learning more at this workshop!

    See you all there!

  4. Mel Hoy says:

    If you end up doing a presentation in Calgary or Toronto, please let me know! I’ve signed up to your website and I’m looking forward to your updates. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Terri Polet says:

    Having had the privilege to know Jeff he is certainly a man of integrity and an expert in this field. What an awesome opportunity you are making available for those seriously interested in investments. Unfortunaltely the date for this presentation is not possible this time but I will certainly be following the outcome so that I don’t miss another opportunity to gain your wisdom. Anyone who attends will certainly get their money’s worth and more … wish I could be there!!! All success Jeff.

  6. Jeff,

    This one day sharing of your wisdom and real life experience will be a gift to anyone who attends. I would love to attend and I am sure many of my friends in the Vancouver area would like to attend as well. So when will you be booking a Vancouver 18in18?

    Thanks. Markku

    • jeffgunther says:

      Thanks for your kind words Markku. I really hope we get an opportunity to bring this workshop to Vancouver. You’ll be one of the first to know!

  7. jeffgunther says:

    Today we confirmed The Edmonton Petroleum Club as an appropriately elegant venue for this event. I’m pretty excited about what they have in store for us!

  8. Drew Kardash says:

    If you are a motivated individual who wants to obtain more property, but you do not wish to use your own money or credit, then you must come to this event! I have watched Jeff’s impressive real estate portfolio grow to where it is today, and I have seen his system work first hand.

    I look forward to seeing you all there!

  9. Mark Onaba says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’ve always been facinated by your real estate investment model. I’ve tried to pick your brain on numerous occasions on how the many moving parts work in this creative real estate strategy. However, we always discussed the big picture.

    I especially loved the fact that you were able to purchase a property and recoup most, if not all, of the downpayment used to finance the property, in a matter of a few months… rather than years down the road, like in the traditional investment model.

    I’m looking forward to this event and will definitely bring a few friends! 🙂

    • Jeff Gunther says:

      The brain-picking is mutual Mark! I always look forward to seeing you!

      Just to be clear: capital we recoup goes back into partners’ pockets; that way, we can buy again! And moving parts? Not so many. You’ll see!

  10. Jeff Gunther says:

    I just confirmed 3 very special guests who will be joining us February 18!

  11. John Diack says:

    My wife and I participated in a number of the 18 in 18 purchases, and I can tell you that the process was easy, fun and ‘well oiled’.

    Best of all, we relaxed in the knowledge that Jeff takes care of anyone and everyone in the program, including the sellers/ the buyers and the renters.

    We’re a living example that Jeff knows what he is doing.

    The market stats that Jeff and I recently reviewed tell us that this is the right time to keep buying and renting…

    John and Maureen Diack

  12. Jeff Stork says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have been looking forward to this day since you first mentioned the idea to me. Since I am a young and aspiring Real Estate investor I will be able to learn a lot from a person with your experience and knowledge.

    See you there!

  13. Chris Davies says:

    Looking forward to it my friend! You’re a wizard at what you do and a great teacher.

  14. Jeff Gunther says:

    With just over a week to go, final workshop preparations are in full swing. I’m grateful for plenty of helpers, and we’ve decided to provide participants with a light lunch. We are almost at capacity, but have a few places left. If you’re thinking maybe – stop thinking, and register now!

  15. Jeff Gunther says:

    Thrilled to announce that Saturday’s event is now officially SOLD-OUT! Workbooks are printed, PowerPoint is ready, Guests are primed – and we’re excitedly looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ll try to tweet highlights throughout the day (hashtag #18in18). And, if you missed out this time around, please ask about future events. We’d love to play even a small role in contributing to your future success.

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